Transform any room into your own planetarium


The astrolite Supernova Galaxy Projector

This is the galaxy light you've been waiting for.

The first of its kind, our new projector is a work of art in itself. Crafted with only the highest quality materials and patented technology. The crisp, vibrant, lighting effects our projector emits are unparalleled.

This is the highest quality projector on the market today, PERIOD!

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Meet your flight Crew

Astrolite Supernova Galaxy Projector

The hottest new projection light on the market! 🔥

If $250k for a commercial trip to space is not in the budget this year, this is your runner-up. Surround yourself in the starry superclusters and whirling galaxies of deep space, without the travel expense!

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WiFi Comet Light
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StarVision Light 2.0
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Astrolite Supernova Galaxy Projector - Cosmosphere™️ Shop
Astrolite Supernova Galaxy Projector
Sale price$34.99
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Fear Of Blank Space

Verb Transitive

Is there anything more unsatisfactory than a blank wall? If so, it is most likely a room without appropriate accent lighting. This is what "Fear Of Blank Space" is, and at Cosmosphere Shop we are standing up against it. We allow our customers to elevate their surroundings by providing unique mood lighting solutions, all packaged up into art decor pieces. We like to call them "art lights".

- Stay vibey! 👽

Environment Friendly

Our variety of laser and LED projection lights are enchanting and energy efficient. Our lights use less energy than a phone charge.

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